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Don't Let the Post-Holiday Blues Make You or Your Contacts Miss Important Appointments!

Trying to get back to regular schedule after the holidays can be a tricky process. While it’s sad watching the lights and decorations come down, it’s even worse when you or your contacts forget about important appointments. Texting (SMS) can be an effective way to ensure your contacts keep their appointments with you as well as maintain goals despite unavoidable cancellations.

It's Hard to Forget With a Text

Since texting is both used often and checked frequently, it is an effective means for appointment management. We spend a lot of time out of the office during the holiday season so we often don’t have access to/regularly check our work email. Cancellations and no-shows not only waste time, they can be damaging to your profit margins and retention rates. In the healthcare industry alone, chronic no shows cost approximately $150 billion a year. The use of text message reminders reduced the no-show rate of one hospital by a third. Having a confirmation text a few days before the appointment can provide time for businesses to fill a spot if a cancellation occurs.   

Deployment is a Breeze

One of the benefits of using texting for appointment management is how easily it integrates with virtually any CRM or API. Running all scheduling activities through one system reduces the chance of human error and provides a more seamless integration experience. Coming back after the holidays is already hard enough and you don’t need anything complicated.

Most SMS solutions have the integration process mapped out to make implementation easy as possible. For example, the 3seventy integration process happens almost instantaneously – with one phone call we can have you up and running so that you can tackle your post-holiday appointment management (or any other goal) with ease.

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