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Using Texting to Boost Your Holiday Success

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone. When your business is scrambling to make end-of-year deadlines, or strategizing for next year, it is easy to succumb to the holiday madness. Thankfully, many of these pain points can be alleviated with the help of texting.

An Instant Solution for Down to the Wire Problems

Want to squeeze in that last minute prospect to improve your year-end numbers? Or, perhaps your business needs a way to improve internal communications when handling the holiday rush. Since texting is instantaneous and has a near perfect open rate of 99%, those last minute loose ends can be easily tied up.

In Addition to Holiday Cards, Send a Text

If you need a brief but effective way to wish your customers and clients a happy holidays, a great holiday text can be a nice way to make that meaningful contact. Set up a basic campaign to send something simple. Or, you can get creative by sending out a fun survey or trivia contest by creating a dialog campaign that allows recipients to respond.

New Year, New Strategy

Trying to brainstorm awesome ideas for your 2017 strategy? Text message marketing is one of the most easy to integrate digital marketing strategies. SMS can fit into virtually any industry to satisfy a variety of different pain points.

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