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How To Avoid Common SMS Mistakes

SMS is a great tool for digital marketing and customer service. But poor planning and execution can lead to disaster. Learn how to avoid common SMS mistakes with these tips.

Save the Spam for Sandwiches

Spam is annoying, period. Avoid pestering your customers with an over abundance of text messages. Think of your contacts as if you’re in a new romantic relationship with them. You don’t want to bombard them with messages and appear desperate or needy. Most importantly, don’t talk about yourself ALL the time. No one likes that!

Schedule Accordingly

Timing is everything fro SMS marketing. Having your content planned out on a marketing calendar not only makes implementation easier, it’s also important since the impact on customers is different throughout the day.


Keep texts brief, to-the-point, and easily digestible. Nobody wants the dreaded 4 page text from anyone, especially a business.

For more information on avoiding common SMS mistakes, check out our blog here. Need some help planning your SMS strategy so that you can avoid these problems? Don’t hesitate to contact us and set up some time with our knowledgeable representatives!

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