Text Tips, Trends & Best Practices

We get it. Everyone is busy. The last thing anyone wants is another project. But if you feel SMS/text messaging can have a profound impact on your business, how do you convince others?

We suggest starting with a few irrefutable facts.  

1. Texting is the Future of Communications

The number one object we interact with on a daily basis is our mobile devices. In one Pew study, over 97% of smartphone owners use SMS at least once a day. This makes texting one of the most popular smartphone activities. And compared to other forms of communication, text (SMS) messaging out performs them all. Text has:

  • 90% open rate.
  • 45% response rate.
  • 90% of all texts are read in under 3 minutes. 

2. Implementation is Easy

SMS can be implemented into almost any digital marketing strategy. And if you chose the right partner, your text messaging platform should easily integrate into your CRM. Integration is virtually seamless and can be used for a wide range of purposes like appointment alerts, coupons, and social media ROI measurement.

3. Texting is a Powerful Channel. (Social Media and Email Only Go So Far.)

While social media and email can be great marketing tools, they have their limitations. Social media, for example, is only effective for very active users. If someone infrequently checks their social media account, they may miss your business’s message. With almost a perfect open rate, your text (SMS) message is almost guaranteed to be seen by your contacts. 


Need a little more information before you propose SMS to your team? Check out our resources or feel free to contact us.

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