Lessons Learned from Savvy
Political Campaigns

The use of Text (SMS) marketing has increased dramatically during this year’s campaign season. It’s no wonder, text-based communications are read at dramatically higher rates and it’s the perfect medium for organizing and driving traffic to local events.

But what can your business learn from their efforts?

Here’s a quick summary:

Compliance is Crucial

It is vital for public figures to always play by the rules. Everything from acquisition of contact lists to message frequency must be within CTIA compliance. Here at 3seventy, proper compliance language is already built-in to ensure that your SMS campaign is always compliant.

Know Your Audience

While it is important to get your message out to as many potential voters as possible, it is even more important to make sure these messages are reaching the right audience. Make sure your message is relevant and focused.

Stick to the Basics

There are only 160 characters allotted in a text. When you factor in mandatory compliance language, you get even less characters for your message. Have an effective texting template that will quickly convey your message. Whether it is for potential voters or potential customers, everyone loves a messages that is straight and to the point.

Text from the Inside Out

SMS can be used for more than external communications. Many politicians use texting to coordinate staff, events, and campaign activities. Setting up an SMS campaign for internal operations can ensure a cohesive experience for all internal communications.

Learn More About TrueDialog

Whether you’re running a political campaign, or just want an impactful digital marketing strategy, SMS can provide an effective means for getting your message out.

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